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I just finished DAYD. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a novel-length Harry Potter fanfiction following Neville through his year 7, and tracks pretty well alongside the 7th HP book. it’s HERE, if you’re curious (you should be. it’s amazing). Here are some of my thoughts.

  • I was SO ECSTATIC to see Hannah Abbot as a more major character. I am, undoubtedly, biased, as I am also a Hannah, a Hufflepuff, and in love with Neville long before others saw his merit. I loved her characterization, and just… she’s perfect and I love her.
  • It was so interesting to see Harry et. al. from an outside point of view. I want to reread Deathly Hallows again just to look at it from a more removed viewpoint.
  • Ernie. Susan.
  • The action is really well-written, to the point where I was trying to physically read faster to keep up with the emotional pacing of the battle. Things were happening incredibly fast, but the writing remained clear, and even though I was practically skimming, I understood what was happening, and kind of got pulled into the manic frenzy, which I enjoy as a reader. Of course, I went back and re-read for clarity, but it was so cool.
  • Ernie and Susan.
  • The way the author addresses physical abuse, depression, substance abuse, and recovery are very well executed. I was very impressed.
  • I’m going to hug Ernie and Susan and cry forever.
  • It actually changed my views on one of my canon ships (Neville/Luna), and in such a way that I will from this day forward vehemently argue against it.
  • It’s so good that I have recommended it to everyone on facebook. This is a big deal because I don’t post anything on facebook unless it is actually and really Important. and this is. My thoughts are not the most coherent because I just finished it, but yes. Good. Good.
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